Pharmacy Quality and Outcomes for Healthcare Professionals

As a leader in pharmacy, Fairview Pharmacy’s quality and outcomes work demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the service of reducing costs and improving our patient outcomes and customer experience.

Impact of two-way texting for refill set-up on a phenylketonuria (PKU) patient population
Results show a statistically significant increase in adherence for patients enrolled in two-way texting. See poster (PDF). 

Implementation of a patient assessment tool for improved understanding of emergency department use outcome
Integrating direct questions for patients on home infusion therapy provides insights to quality improvement measures. See poster (PDF).

Better persistency with patients using clozapine
Patients enrolled in Fairview Pharmacy’s clozapine monitoring program were nearly four times more persistent after just 90 days. View the infographic.

Compelling results for Fairview patients who use Fairview pharmacies
Fairview patients who primarily used a Fairview pharmacy had fewer outpatient, hospital and emergency room visits than those who used other pharmacies. See more information.

Better blood pressure management with pharmacy support
Patients in the Fairview Pharmacy BPGAP program had an improvement of 40% in reaching and maintaining their blood pressure goal. View the infographicSee poster (PDF).

Comprehensive medication management (CMM) reduces readmissions
Patients who received a pharmacist-provided CMM visit had a significantly lower rate of 30-day readmissions than patients who did not (8.6% vs. 12.8%) See more information.

Medication adherence in cystic fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis patients at Fairview Specialty Pharmacy have much higher medication adherence than patients in the national comparison study, contributing to better outcomes. See infographic (PDF). 

Electronic prior authorization

Fairview Pharmacy implemented electronic prior authorization, resulting in 97.6% reduction in processing time and increasing the speed of first drug fill to patients. See poster (PDF)

Cystic fibrosis lumacaftor/ivacaftor efficacy
This study of real-world lung function in a population of CF patients not included in clinical trials demonstrated that a majority of patients had improved lung function using lumacaftor/ivacaftor. See poster (PDF).

Hepatitis C treatment completion 
Real-world experience suggests that therapy completion rates should not be determined by dispensing data from pharmacy computer systems alone; 68 percent of patients excluded using published specifications (dispensing data) actually completed therapy and were not counted as such. See poster (PDF).

Multiple sclerosis adherence – impact of non-clinician liaison refill activities 
Engaging therapy management liaisons in helping prescribers and patients with refill activities resulted in almost 1/3rd of patients showing improved medication adherence during the first three months. See poster (PDF).