Required Training and Education

Fairview and community researchers conducting research involving human subjects with Fairview patients or records must complete human subjects' protection training and education as required by Fairview Health Services and the University of Minnesota IRB.

The type of training is dependent on the researcher's role in the research study. Fairview Research Administration (FRA) requires documentation of current (within 3 years) training completion for each researcher before studies are submitted to the IRB.

Initial Training

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

CITI is the preferred form of human subjects' protection training in Fairview. It is a web-based program that allows users to register with their institution (e.g. Fairview Health Services). There are various levels of training dependent on the type of research and research-related tasks the individual user will be performing. More information may be obtained on the CITI Website.

Other Forms of Training

If a researcher is unable to complete CITI training, he/she may contact FRA to discuss alternative training options. The researcher will be asked to provide documentation of their training and a completed, signed Investigator Certificate of Education form.

Research Training Renewal

Fairview researchers must renew human subjects protection training every three years. The CITI site will send automatic email reminders before the user's training lapses. FRA will confirm training is current at the time of each initial submission and renewal submission to the IRB. IRB applications cannot be submitted until all researchers are current in their training.


The CITI site will send automatic email reminders to users who complete initial training through the stie. There are modules created specifically to meet renewal requirements available. Please follow the below instructions to ensure you complete the renewal requirements, and do not re-do the initial requirements.

Other Forms of Training

Researchers who are unable to use the CITI site still need to complete renewal requirements. Please discuss alternative training options with FRA.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the Research Administrator at 612-672-7647.