Investigational Devices

Fairview Research Administration (FRA) facilitates the use of investigational devices within the Fairview system. Our role is to make sure your research study or device use meets regulatory requirements without creating additional burden.

Investigational Device Exemptions (IDEs)

IDEs are specific to clinical research trials. IDE use is normally part of a trial sponsored by the device manufacturer.

To get started:

The researcher is responsible for informing FRA of the IDE study. You may do this in two ways:
  • Populate the ‘IDE Number’ field in the OnCore Protocol screen. The automatically triggers and email to FRA’s department inbox.
  • Email at any point in the pre-award stage to inform FRA that a new IDE will be used in Fairview.

If there is no third party billing, and the sponsor is paying for the device use, no immediate action is needed. Once the study is IRB approved, FRA will follow up with the coordinator to receive additional information for our institutional investigational device log.

If third party billing is necessary, then the device must be reviewed by National Government Services (NGS) prior to use:

  • NGS is the Medicare Administrative Contractor that approves the billing of an investigational device to Medicare. This is a Medicare requirement.
  • FRA will facilitate the submission to NGS. Please review the checklist of required documentation. NGS will not accept incomplete applications so FRA will not submit an application unless all items on the checklist are included.
  • Once the application is complete, FRA will submit it to NGS on behalf of the researcher.
  • Please note each provider and institution to use the device must be approved by NGS. Please contact FRA if you are unsure if you are approved BEFORE using the device.

Humanitarian Device Exemptions (HDEs or HUDs)

HDEs are not considered research, but still require IRB approval prior to device use. FRA will assist the physicians with the IRB submission if requested. All other issues pertaining to the device use should be managed as any other clinical device.

To get started:

The physician is responsible for informing FRA of the planned humanitarian device use through phone (612-672-7690) or email (
An FRA staff member will contact the physician to provide more information and guidance for completing the IRB application.