Research with Medical Records


HIPAA and Research

Parts of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations are designed to ensure our patients' privacy and the security of the information we use and retain within Fairview. Researchers accessing, using or retaining protected health information (PHI) of Fairview patients must abide by Fairview’s HIPAA-related policies.

Reporting Privacy Breaches

If a patient’s privacy (such as PHI) is breached to an unauthorized individual or entity, then federal law requires that the breach be evaluated to determine if the patient should be notified. In order to comply with this law, Fairview Health Services requires that all breaches involving Fairview patients or research participants immediately be reported as follows:

  • Report privacy breaches relating to participation in a research study to the Fairview Research Regulatory Affairs Officer at 612-672-7680.
  • Breaches relating to patient care, separate from research participation, must be reported to Fairview’s Privacy Office at 612-672-5647.

Whether it is a misdirected fax or mailing or a more serious breach, such as the loss of a external-data drive containing patient information, be sure to report possible breaches as soon as possible.

Research-related Policies

Fairview Research Administration is responsible for the oversight and management of research-related policies, including the following:

  • Investigational Drug Policy
  • Research Involving Human Subjects Policy
  • Research and Education Enabling Policy
  • Research Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Research Misconduct Policy
  • Access to Protected Health Information (PHI) for Research Activities Policy
  • Confidential Information Access via Information Systems Policy
  • Non-Employed Research Staff (NERS) Policy
  • Fairview Research Scientific Review Committee Policy
  • Research Billing Policy

Contact Information for Question or Concerns

Research Regulatory Affairs Officer, Fairview Research Administration

Phone: 612- 672-7680