Understanding your bill

Where to find key information on your bill

If you do not have insurance, your first bill will list the total charges. If you are insured, your bill will list payments made by your insurer and the amount that you are expected to pay.
If you need billing information or a copy of your bill, call the billing office at 612-672-6724.

You may also pay your bill online
Hospital Bill Photo

Return mail address for Fairview’s use only
Date of the statement
The date the current balance is due
Fairview identification number of the guarantor or person responsible for payment of the bill not covered by third party of health insurance company
Page number for the statement
Return mailing address for payments made by check or credit card
Follow any instructions here to assist in getting the account paid in a timely manner
Guarantor or person responsible for payment of the bill not covered by third party or health insurance company
How to make a payment online
Phone number to contact with any questions
Date of service
Clinic codes (CPT/Rev/HCPC) or Hospital services
The type of services rendered
Total charges for the services rendered
The amount of payments or adjustments on the charges
The balance still due from insurance
The patient portion due on the account
Total outstanding balance on the account
Monthly payment plan amount due on the account
The current amount due
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