Service and procedure pricing


Getting pricing and cost information  

Service estimates and payment
Fairview will provide an estimate of payment from you or your health plan for medical care at a Fairview hospital or clinic. 
In order to provide you with an estimate we will need: The five-digit Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code(s) and the ICD9 Diagnosis code(s). If you do not know the specific code(s) please contact the physician's office who has ordered the services, or will be performing the procedure. Phone numbers for specific Fairview hospitals and clinics can be found under Hospitals or Clinics.

You can view hospital pricing and compare charges on the Minnesota Hospital Assocation website

Paying without insurance with a scheduled service or procedure
If you don't have insurance and have a scheduled service or procedure, ask to speak with the registration department or patient financial counselor at the hospital or clinic where services will be provided. He or she will provide an estimate and discuss payment options with you. 

Paying without insurance without a scheduled service or procedure
If you don't have insurance, please contact our Consumer Pricing Line at 612-672-1048 or complete an online secure form, and be ready with CPT code(s) for outpatient services, CPT code(s) and ICD-9 diagnosis code(s) for inpatient services, where your service or procedure will be performed.    

Paying with insurance
Insurance costs depend on your coverage. Check with your plan administrator to verify coverage.
For information about what various insurance companies will pay Fairview for a given procedure, you can: 

  • Call our Consumer Pricing Line at 612-672-1048 for an estimate within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Complete a secure online form. Be ready with CPT code(s) and ICD9 diagnosis code(s) for inpatient or outpatient services, health plan name, member number, where your service or procedure will be performed.   
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