Bluestone Vista provided by Fairview

A new kind of house call

Bluestone Vista provided by Fairview is a team of geriatric physicians and nurse practitioners who provide care for patients in Assisted Living and Memory Care communities.


Bluestone Vista

Specializing in the unique needs of residential patients and their families.
Bluestone Vista primary care teams meet the unique and growing needs of complex, frail, and special needs patients in care communities. The Bluestone Vista care model is designed to help patients and their families avoid stress by eliminating time and travel to clinic.

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Bluestone Vista Care Team Visits Patients on a Regular Basis
Bluestone Vista medical teams visit patients on a regular bases. On-site preventative care by Bluestone Vista provided on an ongoing basis, has been shown to reduce the need for emergency care and trips to the hospital. Bluestone Vista on-site preventative care also helps to significantly improve overall health.

Comprehensive and Compassionate Care
Bluestone Vista provided by Fairview works closely with family members and staff of residential care communities to make sure that patients receive individualized care in a safe and familiar environment. The Bluestone Vista model also ensures that each resident's personal medical team oversees all medical issues--providing Bluestone Vista patients the comprehensive and compassionate care they need.

Bluestone Bridge
The Bluestone Bridge is a communications portal that allows you to communicate with Bluestone Health Care providers quickly and easily. Simply click BluestoneVistaBridge and you will be redirected to the login/registration portal.
Meet our Providers
Bluestone Vista's experienced physician-led care teams provide on-site medical care through regular patient visits.  Provider teams customize care plans and carefully monitor the health care need of frail, elderly patients in Assisted Living Communities.

Dr. Ken Kephart
Dr. Karen Enockson
Allison Romstad, NP
Sandra Erickson, NP
Natalie Hinck, NP

Communities Served by Bluestone Vista provided by Fairview

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Our Providers Make the Difference
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