Getinet Ayalew, MD
Getinet Ayalew, MD
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Lakes Cancer Clinic
Lakes Cancer Clinic
University of Minnesota
Medical Center, Fairview - Wyoming
5200 Fairview Blvd., Suite 1300
Wyoming, MN 55092

Philosophy of Care:

It is my goal to optimize the quality of life for my patients and their loved ones, helping them cope with the challenges brought by cancer. I value open communication, mutual respect and patient autonomy. I understand that every patient has unique needs, and I tailor practice decisions to individual patients in whatever ways possible.

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Board Certifications:

ACCP 2010 at Vancouver, Canada, best abstract and case report award winner
ASCO Oncology Trainee Travel Award, June 2010
Kaposi Sarcoma with extensive pulmonary involvement in an immunocompetent host
Getinet Ayalew1, Avrille George2, Shella Mongia3, Carmencita Yudis3, Arvind Ponnambalam4, Gurinder Sidhu1. Abstract or Control # 10787  ACCP, CHEST 2010, Vancouver, Canada
Frequency of EGFR and KRAS Mutations in Lung Adenocarcinomas in African Americans. Reinersman JM, Johnson ML, Riely GJ, Chitale DA, NIcastri AD, Soff GA, Schwartz AG, Sima CS, Ayalew G, Lau C, Zakowski MF, Rusch VW, Ladanyi M, Kris MG
J Thorac Oncol 2010 Nov 23
Successful Treatment of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia In a Patient with Severe Cardiac Disease
Getinet D. Ayalew, Michael I. Rotkowitz, Juhi Mittal, Gurinder Sidhu, Albert S. Braverman, and Ratesh Khillan Medicine, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY Abstract # 30132, American Society Of Hematology 52nd Annual conference
Thrombocytopenia In Severe Anemia of Iron Deficiency. Getinet D. Ayalew, Juhi Mittal, Ratesh Khillan, Miriam Kim, Albert S. Braverman, and Gurinder Sidhu

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