Fairview Specialty Pharmacy - Our History and Mission

Our History
UMMC photoFairview Specialty Pharmacy was created in 1992 to fill the unmet and complex needs of University of Minnesota transplant patients. At the time, Fairview Specialty Pharmacy developed clinical programs to help patients with newly transplanted organs maintain their difficult and often changing drug therapies. Fairview Specialty Pharmacy is one of the most advanced transplant specialty pharmacies in the industry. Many patients who began service with us in 1992 are still living with transplanted organs and receiving their medications from us.

We have taken our high touch model forward to service the needs of patients who have complex and unique drug needs. We now provide the full range of specialty products with demonstrated consistent growth year-to-year.

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the health of those we serve. We commit our skills and resources to assist people, partners, and providers in achieving the best outcomes possible.

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