Pharmacy Consulting for Health Systems

Helping you tap your pharmacy opportunity

Fairview Pharmacy Services provides management expertise that can help your health system operate and grow a successful ambulatory pharmacy business. Our consulting services leverage Fairview Pharmacy Services’ success and experience to implement best practices that will help you:
  • Generate new revenue streams from within your campuses
  • Enhance your market competitiveness through differentiation and increased market share
  • Enhance the patient experience and increase employee engagement
  • Create physician integration opportunities
  • Increase quality and outcomes

The hospital-based ambulatory pharmacy marketplace is at a critical juncture to benefit from the consulting services we provide. Today, health systems capture less than 10 percent of the prescriptions written for their patients. Using the Fairview Pharmacy Services model, you may be able to capture 40 percent or more.

Opportunity for you and your patients
Every patient who leaves your health campus with a prescription written by an affiliated clinician — and does not fill it at a health campus pharmacy — is an opportunity lost: An opportunity to provide better care, and an opportunity to increase revenue and manage costs.

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