Volunteers make quality health care possible
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Fairview Ridges Hospital! Volunteers make it possible for us to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. We are proud of the fact that we have more volunteers per hospital bed than any other hospital in Minnesota.

At Fairview Ridges Hospital, volunteers are a big part of our health care team, contributing thousands of hours annually to patients and their families. Volunteers enhance the experience for all who come to the hospital, and help staff to provide an exceptional health care experience.

Current volunteers
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Adult volunteers generally commit to the same four-hour shift on the same day each week or every other week, for a minimum of six months. For college students, there are a limited number of summer-only volunteer opportunities. If you are considering volunteering for the summer only, we ask that you're available during the spring to complete your health assessment, interview and some training. This will ensure an early start for the summer season.

Junior volunteers, ages 14-18, and still attending high school, help out in various areas of the hospital, coming in once a week or every other week for a four-hour shift. Most junior volunteers serve on an evening or a weekend shift. We are currently working through our existing applications at this time. Therefore, we will not be accepting any applications until further notice. Please check the application status in the fall. Any applications submitted during this time will not be considered. We appreciate your patience and feel very fortunate to have such an interest in our Junior Volunteer Program.

To become a volunteer
  • Submit an application
  • Print out two copies of the reference sheet and mail to your references (reference forms are different for adult and juniors)
    • We must have received at least one reference before you will be called for an interview (juniors also need to send in parental consent forms before they are called for an interview)
  • Interview with our Volunteer Services staff
  • Commit to a minimum of six months of service, for four hours weekly or the equivalent of 100 hours
  • Complete a simple health screening and background check as required by law
  • Attend a general hospital orientation
  • Receive on-the-job training and education by experienced volunteers and/or staff

Adult volunteers
Adult volunteer application
Adult volunteer reference sheet

Junior volunteers

We are now accepting applications for our Junior Volunteer program. We will be on-boarding throughout the summer and early fall. Please note, we do not have summer-only positions.

Junior volunteer application
Letter to prospective volunteers
Parental consent form
Reference form
Attendance policy
Thank you for your interest in the Junior Volunteer Program. Junior Volunteers have a variety of opportunities within the hospital for those interested in a medical career and future. We also have a requirement of at least six months which will include 2-3 four-hour shifts per month. Our program at Fairview Ridges Hospital is very competitive. Not all students who apply and/or interview will be accepted.

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