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Senior Health


ID Article
1Advance Medical Directive
2An Agent's Role for Durable Power of Attorney
3Choosing anĀ Agent
4Exercises to Prevent Falls
5Exercising Safely (Cardiovascular)
6For Caregivers: Coping Tips
7How to Take Your Pulse
8Life Support (Treatment Choices)
9Mood Swings and Depression After a Stroke
10Osteoarthritis: Common Sites
11Osteoarthritis: Coping with Pain
12Osteoarthritis: Exercise
13Osteoarthritis: Injections or Surgery
14Osteoarthritis: Managing Pain
15Osteoarthritis: Non-invasive Treatment Options
16Osteoarthritis: Tips for Daily Living
17Preparing Your Home After Stroke
18Preventing Falls in the Home
19Preventing Falls: Are You At Risk of Falling?
20Preventing Falls: How to Prepare and What to Do
21Preventing Falls: In the Hospital
22Preventing Falls: Make Your Health a Priority
23Preventing Falls: Moving Safely Out of a Chair and Bed
24Preventing Falls: Moving Safely Outside
25Preventing Falls: Moving Safely Using a Cane or Walker
26Preventing Falls: Staying Active
27Preventing Pneumonia
28Removing Life Support
29Taking an Active Role in Your Medicines
30Taking Medication Safely
31Transfer: Bed to Wheelchair
32Transfer: Wheelchair to Toilet
33Treating Pneumonia
34Understanding Dementia
35Understanding DNR Orders
36Understanding Osteoarthritis
37Understanding Reversible Dementias
38Using a Cane
39Using a Walker
40Walkers: Bathing
41Walkers: Cars
42Walkers: Chairs
43Walkers: Going Through Doors
44Walkers: Stairs and Steps
45What Is Arthritis?
46What Is Pneumonia?

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