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After Carotid Artery Stenting: In the Hospital

After carotid artery stenting, you will most likely stay overnight in the hospital for care and monitoring. At home, follow your doctor’s instructions for recovery. Be sure to keep your medical appointments. Seeing your doctor for imaging tests and other follow-up treatment helps make the procedure a success.

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Just After the Procedure

The sheath in your groin is removed, and the insertion site closed. This may be done while you’re still in the area where the procedure took place. Or it may be done after you’ve been moved to a regular hospital room. A nurse may apply pressure to the site for several minutes, or a device may be placed to apply pressure on the site for a period of time. You may need to keep your leg straight for 2–6 hours.

Your Hospital Stay

You’ll be closely monitored until you’re ready to go home. Hospital staff will check your pulse and blood pressure from time to time. You may also have certain tests, such as tests of your brain function, blood tests, or an ultrasound. Your IV will remain in place until shortly before you go home.

You can leave the hospital when:

  • Your condition is stable.

  • You do not have weakness or numbness in either your leg or arms.

  • The groin insertion site is not bleeding.

  • You have no signs of infection.

  • Your doctor has reviewed any test results and has cleared you to go home.


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