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Treating Meniere’s Disease: Lifestyle Changes

Certain changes may help you manage Meniere’s. Some of these changes are minor. Others require more dedication. They include avoiding certain substances. Special devices may also help make you more comfortable and improve your hearing.

Image of caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes with a circle and slash over top indicating not to use these substances.

Avoid Certain Substances

Certain substances affect how your body regulates fluid, and can make Meniere’s worse. These include:

  • Caffeine, which constricts your blood vessels and reduces blood flow to your inner ear. Avoid drinks and foods (such as coffee, cola, and chocolate) that are high in caffeine.

  • Alcohol, which can disturb your sense of balance. Avoid alcohol, or limit it to very small amounts.

  • Smoking, which constricts blood vessels, weakens your immune system, and harms your general health. By affecting your circulation, smoking may contribute to Meniere’s symptoms. Quitting smoking is always a good idea.

Ear with hearing aid.

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Explore Helpful Devices

If Meniere’s has permanently affected your hearing, a hearing aid may help you hear better. Hearing aids come in many different models, and one can be chosen that suits your needs and lifestyle. In addition, certain devices can help cover up (mask) annoying and bothersome tinnitus. Try a fan or a radio tuned to music or static, or purchase a white-noise device specifically designed to create pleasant background noise. A masking device that generates constant white noise can be worn directly in the ear. Your doctor can give you more information and recommendations about hearing aids, white-noise devices, and masking devices.

Pay Attention to Your Body

People with Meniere’s sometimes find that such things as bright lights, loud noises, or very low sounds bring on symptoms or make the symptoms worse. Pay attention to how you feel. If you notice something making you feel worse, talk to your doctor.


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