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For Kids: Help Others Understand Asthma

Mother and son

People who don’t have asthma may not know how it makes you feel. Try not to get angry with them. Instead, help them learn more about asthma. If you’re afraid to speak up, ask your parents what words to say. Here are some things you can say to your family, friends, teachers, and other adults:


It can also help to have an asthma buddy—a child who has asthma just as you do. You might find this special friend at school, on your team, or in your neighborhood. You and your asthma buddy can look out for each other. And you can count on each other to understand.

Image of asthma team

Your Asthma Team

Your parents and your doctor work with you as a team. They can help you understand asthma and make your life easier. Tell them how you feel. They may have good ideas about what to do. And if you are not sure how to take your medicine or if your asthma flares up, be sure to tell them.


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