You helped save Christopher and his mother

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"The decisions our care team made saved our lives."

— Cara Kail, patient
Your donations help train caregivers to act quickly in emergencies

Cara Kail thought the birth of her fourth child at Fairview Southdale Hospital was going to be, in her words, a "piece of cake." Little did she know an extremely rare complication—an amniotic embolism—would threaten both her life and her baby's.

After a night of contractions, Cara suddenly started coughing; she felt dizzy and vomited. And that's when, as Cara says, "everything just crashed." She fell unconscious.

With not a second to spare, doctors performed an emergency C-section right in the labor room, putting Cara and her newborn son Christopher on the path to full recovery against all odds. "The decisions our care team made saved our lives," says Cara.

A rare emergency, a ready response

In-room surgeries are so rare staff can only remember it happening once before. But that didn't hinder their response in the least. Baby Christopher was delivered, resuscitated and whisked to the special care nursery, where he was stabilized and then transferred to University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.

"The fact that our care team was so well-prepared made every difference to us," Cara says. "Every person in that hospital knew exactly what to do to give us the greatest chance of survival. You don't get that through luck."

Your donations make investment in training possible

Indeed, the kind of skill, confidence and teamwork that saved Christopher's and Cara's lives only comes through training—which is funded by donations. In 2011, 14 percent of donor funds went toward caregiver training and education.

Part of that training includes In Situ simulation; Latin for "in place," In Situ training occurs in actual health care environments, rather than classrooms, using actual tools and processes. More than 300 In Situ simulations are provided at Fairview hospitals throughout 2012.

It's this important work, made possible by generous donations like yours, that gave Cara the happy ending she deserved. "We had really, really bad luck that this happened to us, but we couldn't have had better luck and skill on the back end," Cara says. "Everything worked perfectly.  And now, I'm here."

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