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Susan and AJ IIYour donations help families find hope and healing

Susan, Steve and their son A.J. referred to their close-knit family as the “Three Musketeers.” And then came the day that Steve committed suicide, shattering Susan’s and A.J.’s entire world, leaving a mother and son who had no road map for how to pick up the pieces and go on living.
 “We tragically lost him, in the blink of an eye. There were no warning signs, no nothing—just one day he seemed fine and the next day he was gone,” explains Susan. They found support for their journey to healing at Fairview’s Youth Grief Services.
Helping families cope
Fairview's Youth Grief Services is the only program in the Twin Cities providing ongoing grief support for children and families facing profound loss. Offering a network of services that support, educate and connect grieving families, the program provides hope and healing. Through Youth Grief Services A.J. started attending a group for teens grappling with loss. While he was there, Susan gathered with other grieving parents who understood. They found solace in knowing they weren’t alone.
A.J. also attended Camp Erin, a summer camp for teens grappling with loss. “Camp Erin was one of the best experiences for me while going through my grief journey. It was just all kids and we had all experienced the same things. To know that all the kids you’re doing stuff with have gone through a similar loss was really calming,” explains A.J.

Donors make the difference
Hope for families like Susan and A.J. comes at no cost thanks to the support of donors like you. “After a loss things are in flux and you don’t know what you have to spend,” says Susan. “The fact that this was a free service was really a blessing.”

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