Meet Our Staff


Get to know our exceptional employees and what they do

At Fairview, we are 26,000 employees and providers committed to providing exceptional care in each job, every day.

We demonstrate our values of dignity, integrity, service and compassion daily in our hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, pharmacies and more.

No matter what our role, we are united by a common purpose—to be the best for our patients and their families. Take a peek into a few of the many job roles on the Fairview team and how these employees contribute to improving the health of the communities we serve.

Home Care and Hospice Nurse
To many people, driving across the metro alone to spend an hour in a stranger’s home is the definition of “awkward.” But to home care or hospice nurses like Hannah Arbogast, that’s all part of the fun. Read more.

Imaging Technologist
An imaging technologist’s job is more than pushing a button and waiting for a picture to appear. It’s a blend of art, science, medicine, technology and humanity. See how Adam Bremer and his fellow imaging technologists are caring for patients. Read more.

Medical Laboratory Scientist
From malaria to leukemia to in utero complications, there aren’t many health concerns a medical laboratory professional can’t catch. See how Dennis Wold and his laboratory colleagues across Fairview are making a difference. Read more.

Coding Specialist
She may work in bunny slippers while sitting in front of a (fake) fireplace but, make no mistake, Valerie Woodward is involved in the serious business of ensuring our patient records are accurate. She is among the many behind-the-scenes heroes that keep our organization running. Read more.

Occupational Therapist
Some people strive to run marathons or climb mountains. Occupational therapy patients usually have smaller—but equally important—goals: walking their dogs or climbing a flight of stairs unaided. Colleagues like Kirsten Prouty and John Fleming are here to help. Read more.

Physician Assistant
Physician assistants (PAs) work in a wide range of settings across Fairview—from our hospitals to our specialty care clinics to our primary care settings. But what does a PA do? Find out from Christine Hsu and Steven Gilles. Read more.

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