Ministerial Health and Leadership Resources

Promoting healthy, effective church leaders

Ministerial Health and Leadership Resources is dedicated to promoting the health, vitality and effectiveness of professional church leaders. This is a service of Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis.

Parish ministry is often highly demanding and exceptionally challenging. Every pastor and professional church leader deserves the best support the church can offer. Congregations, in turn, deserve and need competent and effective leaders to become and remain vital communities of faith.

Fairview’s Ministerial Health and Leadership Resources (MHLR) supports the church through a variety of services for pastors, other church leaders and the judicatory executives charged with their care.

A broad array of services
Developed in 1981 as an assessment resource for pastors in the American Lutheran Church, MHLR has expanded over the years to include counseling, coaching and education resources.

Today, MHLR serves clergy and church leaders from all Christian traditions, with the majority of people who use our services coming from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) and, at times, from the Presbyterian Church and the Episcopal Church.

MHLR is located at Fairview Community Health, 2849 Johnson Street N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55418. This is a residential and small-business area with convenient parking as well as restaurants, a coffee shop and a bakery nearby.

Program leadership
Martinson_John_headshotJohn P. Martinson serves as program director for Ministerial Health and Leadership Resources. An ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, John is a licensed psychologist, and a fellow and past president of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. He holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a doctorate of ministry in pastoral care and social change with a specialization in counseling.

John served as a parish pastor in Nevada and Virginia for nine years. He also was executive director of Pastoral Counseling Centers in Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. for almost 20 years before coming to MHLR in 1998. 
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