Student reflections

In their own words

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) students reflect on their experiences with the program.

Julia's story
"I stand here with a profound sense of gratitude for the supervisors and clinical coordinators who have challenged us to come to terms with the limitations of our role, our fear of dying, our residual grief from past hurts and our broken but well-meaning families."
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Kristin's story

“…And I believe that is what we are learning how to do in CPE—how to be with one another, how to witness to the reality that none of us is ever truly alone, and how to wake up to the reality of being accompanied and cared for. “
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Ben's story
"Some people think of listening as an easy task, one that requires simply the absence of speech. In fact, listening is much harder than speaking, and it requires all of my faculties to do it right...I learned that listening, though overwhelming at times, brought great rewards. And I learned that in my receiving their words attentively, God was giving the residents something of great worth."
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Dynna's story
"During my first year of seminary, I took the class on introduction to pastoral care which required clinical hours visiting patients at the hospital. My desire to become a chaplain was intense after this first glance."
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