Giving children a reason to smile

Beginning this fall, the Fairview-sponsored Minnesota Immunization Networking Initiative program will include the option of dental varnish for participating children.

Fluoride varnish has been found to be an effective prevention of tooth decay or cavities on permanent teeth.

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New moms make pregnancy a shared experience

Fairview's Shared Wisdom program partners six to 12 pregnant women due in the same calendar month with a certified nurse midwife.The group meets monthly with experts like pediatricians, lactation consultants, doulas and massage therapists.

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Real-time feedback to improve lives

Across Fairview Ebenezer, care teams and volunteers use a tool, called TruthPoint, to receive ongoing feedback from residents and their families.

The goal is to continuously improve residents’ experience.

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Welcome Paul Larson OB/GYN Clinic

We're excited to welcome Paul Larson OB/GYN Clinic staff and patients to Fairview!

Specializing in obstetrics and gynecology for women in every stage of life, Fairview – Paul Larson Clinic is located in Edina.

Meet the team and learn more about this clinics' services.

Back to school
to-do list

1. Buy school supplies
2. Get a back to school check up

With more than 40 clinics, extended hours and 24/7 scheduling, Fairview Clinics makes it easy to get your child ready for school.

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Fairview Zipnosis

Get quick care from Fairview providers using your smartphone or computer.

Use Zipnosis anytime from wherever you are - home, work or even at the cabin.

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Sleep tight

The Birthplace at Fairview Health Services delivers the kind of care you dream about.

Learn more and watch a cute video starring some of our most precious deliveries.

Find Doctors & Providers

Physician partners from Fairview, Fairview Clinics, Fairview Physician Associates, University of Minnesota Physicians and our neighboring communities combine their talents to balance innovative technologies and treatments with the art of medicine.

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